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Reward Customers, Increase Visits

Snaplocal Rewards is a ready-to-go smartphone loyalty program for restaurants, cafes and stores that builds a digital connection to customers and rewards them to visit more often. Customers engage in the program and receive points incentives every time they visit simply by using the Snaplocal App to snap photos of their receipts. Customers are reminded to visit often and after multiple visits, points can be claimed for rewards like cash off or free menu items. Once engaged, customers become part of your valuable loyalty database.

You have complete access to engage your customers and provide incentives for customers to visit more often.

Build A Loyalty Database

Get customers to engage and be part of your loyalty database using points and reward incentives. Customers are encouraged to visit with reminders in the App and through email. In addition, your Snaplocal loyalty database tabulates visit and spending information. It provides valuable information on how many customers are engaged, how much they spend and how often they visit. This becomes vital for crafting incentives that drive more visits to your business.

Drive Visits with Points and Rewards

Customers love to earn more points and get rewards. You have complete control to set the points rate for every visit and the rewards customers can redeem. Want more business on a Tuesday? Want less frequent customers to visit more often? Give customers a points bonus to visit when you want. Snaplocal allows you to give customers a higher points rate for slower days, special events and even lets you send special points bonuses to customers who haven’t visited recently. Snaplocal gives you the control to drive more customer visits and the ability to track the results.

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Engage Customers Digitally

Snaplocal allows you to reach your customers digitally through email and through the Snaplocal App. Want to let your customers know about a special event or a new promotion? Snaplocal gives you full access to your customer loyalty database along with visit and purchase information. Digitally engage your customers after they leave your business and provide incentives to visit again.

Cost Effective Marketing

Snaplocal encourages customers to visit more often and builds a loyalty database with the ability to provide affordable incentives. Unlike other marketing solutions that require costly deep discounts and high commissions, Snaplocal charges a small monthly fee that is easily recovered through increased customer visits. Our system is easy to implement, doesn’t require any changes to your systems or procedures and you get the benefit of more customers visits.

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